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3rd Update is out! New Keywords, updated 58 of 100 Abilities, and many more!

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Zodiac Hunters is an indie game that is a Roguelike turn-based RPG. It is inspired by Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and Legends of Runeterra's Path of Champions (LoR POC) with other aspects from other roguelike PC games such as Hades, Darkest Dungeon, and Slay the Spire.

Battle-Focused, Non-stop Roguelike Adventures

In each adventure, you control four characters and traverse through portals that will lead you throughout the multiverse to battle with the 12 Zodiacs and 80+ other unique enemies. You will spend most of your time doing epic battles and tinkering your builds in this game. The AI is brutal, so you need 5-head plays, proper timing and execution, resource management, powerful combos, and great synergy. Lose once, and your adventure will be over. It's permadeath so you really need to be careful. As with other roguelike games, there will be one question in each of your adventures in this game: How far can your current build go? If you enjoy LoR's Path of Champions, or TFT's augment system, or if you want a turn-based Hades, or the complex character building from Grim Dawn, you will definitely enjoy this game! I'm a big fan of those games too so I made my own, and here's the result after more than 2 years of development :)


There are many ways to build your characters in each adventure. With over 100+ Abilities to choose from, anyone can be anything. Tank, Mage, Assassin, Healer, Support? Sure. Spell Caster, Summoner, Slasher, Ranger, Knight? Sure. A team of Physical Damage, Magic Damage, or a mix of both? Sure. The choice is all up to you!


Adding to complex character building are over 260+ unique items to choose from. No item just powercreeps others; all of them have their own uses, making your every choice matter. And over 100+ of those items are upgradeable. You can combine two of the same items to upgrade the rarity! Items have their very own unique passive effects, and each character can equip up to 10. That's like adding 10 passive effects to each of your characters!

Enemies don't just brainlessly attack; their AI is merciless! Each one has their own unique set of passive and active abilities too! And as you progress further and further, they gain new abilities as well, adding another layer of complexity to every battle! Some enemies have special mechanics, and some even have mechanics that bend the rules of the game!


After winning battles, you choose 1 reward from 4 options—the classic roguelike way! And after each adventure, you gain an amount of Red Orbis depending on how far you have reached. You can use Red Orbis to upgrade Perks and spice up all your next adventures!


All of those aspects above make each of your adventures unique. In one adventure, you might be using Fire to burn your enemies; the next time, you might be using Water in combo with Electricity; and after that, you might be using a mix of all the elements! With over 100+ Abilities and 260+ Items to fiddle with, alongside 90+ distinct enemies to battle against, if you do the math, the permutation or number of possibilities you can have in each adventure is insanely high. None of your adventures will ever feel the same! If you're a content creator, you can make tons of content with this game!


This game is played offline. No ads, no microtransactions, no in-app purchases, no subscriptions, no logins, and no internet connection required! The whole game is contained in a single .exe file, no installation required! You can play it with a Keyboard or with a single hand via Mouse.


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Where is the save data location?

I want to move the game on my laptop.

Happy Xmas,btw ^^

Thank you.

The saves must be in your local app data. Enter %LocalAppData% and look for the folder named "Zodiac Hunters". The exact location depends on the system and user, so if it's not there, try looking for the same folder name in the "User Data" folder.

Enjoy the holidays :)

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Nice Holidays :)

Edit:Your game is amazing!!!