Patch notes for v.1.02 (Update 2)

Patch Notes for Zodiac Hunters v.1.02 (Update 2)

- Remastered Perks.

- NEW Perk, Jumbo Mark.

- Mark of Rejuvenation is now Mark of Hidden Power.

- Retries will now always restore 100% health and mana.

- Increased Jirah's base mana.

- Fiery Sweep cooldown reduced to 3.

- Energized damage amp nerfed to 50%.

- Rolling Rockwyrm's Rock Armor nerfed to 10% health Barrier.

- Roiling Release damage reduction increased to 40%.

- Zapspider's Zappy now grants +10% crit chance.

- Divine Intervention nerfed to 10% health Light damage.

- Paper Talisman now grants 10% Fortune and its description is updated.

- Mana Shield damage reduction rebalanced to 10%.

- Earth Armor Agility penalty reduced to 10%.

- [PC-only] New and updated save files will no longer work on older game versions.

- Remastered 2 abilities of the Final Boss.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug that makes enemies dummy units before the Final Boss.

- Fixed a bug that causes wrong portal color to show for the Final Boss.

- Fixed a bug where Sagittarius is able to use one of his scrapped abilities.

- Fixed Libra's Judgments not being removed after battle.

- Fixed Lunar Blessings incorrectly granting higher amount of Barrier upon receiving.

- Fixed Divine Intervention applying even to non-Defenders.

- Fixed a bug where Dio would die while performing Omnislash.

- Fixed a bug where empty Zodiac chests would appear when one is unclaimed.


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Feb 13, 2023

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