Update 10: Fortune's Favor is here!

The PC version is now updated to the latest version! 

And to celebrate, both mobile and PC version is now sale!

Mobile version (Google Play)https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quelgames.ascendants

Below is a summary of major changes for PC version:

(Note that these are already in the mobile version too)

- NEW Boss Hunt system!

- NEW Skill Upgrades system!

- NEW Rune System!

- NEW Dust System (you can now break items!)

- NEW Trading System!

- NEW Quest System!

- Added Minimap!

- Added Autobattle option!

- Added 18 New NPCs!

- Over 1,000 new items!

- 4 new Equip types (Marks, Seals, Medallions, Insignias)

- NEW Accessory slots gained at levels 40, 60, and 80.

- NEW stat: Fortune (If it succeeds, LUK will be added as pure damage!)

- Turn order now depends on AGI.

- Reworked Battle System.

- Lowered all monsters' defense and hp. Now monsters have 20% chance to be extra tanky but rewards extra loots!

- New menus, UI look, button sounds, game icon, and some ability icons.

- HP and Mana bars are now sectioned by 10% for clarity.

- Set Bonuses will now appear as a status effect for clarity.

- Reworked Gems and Pearls.

- Reworked some abilities.

- Increased the health/mana restored by all types of potions.

- Doubled the Repellant's duration.

- Escape chance is now 75% and +10% if it fails.

- Buffs/Debuffs can only be stacked twice now.

- Buffs/Debuffs reduced to 15% per stack.

- Nerfed Chlorophyte set bonus to 50%.

- Nerfed all Block chance to 20%

- Renamed some equipments (Adventurers, Travelers, Crusader, Desert Trooper, and Viking)

- Blueprints are now in treasure chests instead

- Max save slots increased to 13.

- Patch origin is now shown in the save menu.

- You can now switch to other characters while in Equipments menu, Status menu, and Skills menu.

- Your character's current location is now shown in the menu.

- Added Status Effects in the 'Status' menu.

- Added more toggles in the options menu.

- Added quick guide for Rise of the Fallen in the help menu.

- Updated the credits at the end of the game and the title screen.

- Added Patch Notes.

- Increased Kiridan's speed when flying.

- Fixed Kiridan flying in the opposite direction.

- Fixed Bleeding not properly resetting stacks when removed.

- Fixed some quests showing wrong directions.

- Fixed a bug that allowed walking in cliffs at Yombo Falls.

- Fixed Soul Rip animation.

- Fixed a bug that makes Reo's defense setting to 1 at level 77.

- Fixed a bug that makes the Ascendants' stats setting to 1 in the final boss battle.

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